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Israel's Agri-Tech Expertise

For over five decades the world has applauded the way Israel transformed a terrain of rocky soil, desert conditions and dry parched land into lush, green, fertile fields. Swamps became citrus groves and wheat fields, while arid land turned into flourishing vegetable pastures. By searching and researching ways to effectively manage their soil and preserve crops while at the same time nurturing innovation, Israeli scientists became world renowned pioneers of agricultural technology. 

A Small Sample of Israel's Agricultural Innovations
The world has much to thank Israel. Precious drops of water have been preserved and put to good use through an array of Israeli tailor-made, cost-effective water solutions ranging from drip irrigation and micro-sprinklers to water reclamation. To keep bugs at bay, Israeli scientists developed an extensive range of pesticides and herbicides as well as non-chemical and organic, biological control methods. In addition, they have adapted greenhouses to arid climates, developed plastic coverings for thermal disinfecting of soil prior to planting, as well as different colored netting for enhanced pest control. And let's not forget sensor-based technologies enabling farmers to grow more food, or the anti-drought remedy of hibernating plants. Indeed, a long and impressive list.

The World is Reaping the Fruits of this Know-How
Israel is exporting its agricultural expertise around the world – from Peru to Russia, Senegal to the United States. There isn't a continent that doesn't benefit from its know-how.

Carmel Agrexco Sources Growers Across the Globe Using Israeli Technology
By sourcing growers around the world benefitting from Israeli agri-technology we guarantee the cream of every crop for our customers, regardless of the season.

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