Transporting our Produce All Over the World

Whether it be West or Eastern Europe, the Far East, South Africa or North America, Carmel Agrexco is at your service, with air and sea ports of call.

From Picking and Packing to Dispatch and Distribution
Our logistics operation ensures that you benefit from only the best freshly picked field produce. Whether it be by air or sea, all of our produce undergoes palletized packing transported in cold storage reefer trucks to sea or airports. Our state-of-the-art cold chain continues through air and sea transport until final delivery. Arriving at their destinations, the produce is either picked up by the client or customs cleared and transported by our on-site representative.

Just-in-Time Delivery for Short and Long-Term Orders
Carmel Agrexco takes great pride in its Just-in-Time delivery capabilities. Our logistics network gives us the flexibility of handling last-minute, short-term orders with the same care and efficiency that we employ for calendar scheduled shipments.

Our Main Ports of Call

By Sea:

Felixstowe (U.K.); Marseille-FOS (France); Rotterdam (Netherlands); Koper (Slovenia); Novorossiysk (Russia); St. Petersberg (Russia).

By Air: Our produce reaches all airports around the world with primary stops in the following continents.

  1. West Europe:  Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, UK
  2. Eastern Europe:  Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary
  3. Far East:  Japan, Hong Kong
  4. North America: USA and Canada
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