Picked, packed, dispatched and delivered, Carmel's produce

is delivered just-in-time with the same fresh feel and taste it has at harvest time.


Safe & Sustainable Agriculture is Our Prime Concern

Food Safety: A Worldwide Concern
Food safety is one of the leading issues of the 21st Century. Growers and retailers alike are determined to provide consumers with produce grown in optimal conditions. While EurepGAP has become the global reference standard for safe and sustainable agriculture, some leading retailers have introduced their own specifications, making it difficult for farmers to keep up with the latest developments. To answer this problem, Carmel Agrexco developed its Ecofresh standard.

Ecofresh: An Interrelated Farming & Packing System for the Global Trade
Ecofresh is a flexible, comprehensive system for farming and packing, enabling growers to meet all international standards through one umbrella program. With Ecofresh, Agrexco Carmel  integrates the best agricultural know-how with a host of international certification requirements into one integrated audit. A modular system, it enables growers to incorporate the demands of any set of integrated schemes at any one time. Simultaneously, Carmel Ecofresh sets its own standards for seven main issues:

  • Food safety
  • Worker safety
  • Waste and pollution control
  • Employee health & welfare
  • Nature/landscape preservation & enhancement
  • Agri-technological know-how
  • Strict Quality Control

The Carmel Ecofresh Path to Healthy, Pure Produce

  • Ecofresh provides clear-cut instructions for farmers and packinghouses. Its list of tools consists of:
  • Specific "Growing Protocols" for each crop
  • A complete set of documentation forms
  • Packinghouse protocol and working instructions
  • Multi-lingual educational and training materials for workers
  • Guidance on how to arrange PMOs in order to facilitate certification
  • MSAS (Multi Scheme Audit System)
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