At Carmel Agrexco, Quality is Our Priority. Carmel, the international fresh produce brand name known for quality and reliability, continues to lead the way by finding the right seasonal solutions to meet your year-round market demands. 

  • Shlomi Fogel  |  Chairman

    Tel: +972(0)99708400

  • Or Eyal  |  Vice Chairman

    Tel: +972(0)99708400

  • Yoav Shor  |  General Manager

    Mobile: +972(0)547920743

    Tel: +972(0)35630986

    Email: yoavs@agrexco.com

  • Ronen Bitton  |  R&D Manager

    Mobile: +972(0)547920668

    Email: ronen@agrexco.com

  • Avi Hasid  |  Chief Financial Officer

    Tel: +972(0)99708405

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