At Carmel Agrexco, Quality is Our Priority. Carmel, the international fresh produce brand name known for quality and reliability, continues to lead the way by finding the right seasonal solutions to meet your year-round market demands. 


Carmel Strawberry is dedicated to the cultivation of proprietary strawberry varieties with enhanced unique characteristics under high standards and with the latest technology developments. Carmel Strawberry is a global leader in the field of research and development of strawberry varieties, with its cultivation program being managed by renowned experts in the strawberries field that possess vast know-how and experience.

Carmel Strawberry has various varieties out in the market protected with IP registration, which differ one from another in certain characteristics such as: the taste, color, shelf life, size and shape of the fruit, and the vigor, foliage, propagation, growth habit, flowering pattern and fruiting time of the plant. Carmel Strawberry’s varieties are well known as having better qualities, including early yielding, high yield, longer shelf life, elasticity, superior taste and lack of necessity for deep chilling.

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